Spiral Springs

Our precision-engineered spiral springs are available in various sizes as per the requirement of the application areas. The spiral springs that we offer are widely used in drilling machines , mesuring tapes and weighing machine.This type of spring generally reverse and forword working application. These are manufactured using optimum quality raw material to meet the demanding machine requirement

T (Thickness): This parameter describes the Thickness of Sheet Or Strips.
W (Width): This parameter describes the Width of Sheet or Strips.
De (External Diameter): External diameter at large end of the spring. Tolerance for this parameter is (+)2% (indicative).
Ds (Smaller Internal Diameter): Internal diameter at small end of the spring. Tolerance for this parameter is (+-)2%(indicative)
L0 (free length): Free length of compression springs is measured in its uncompressed state after previous one time blocking. Tolerance for this parameter is (+-)2%(indicative).
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