Constant Force

We offer high performance constant force spring that are manufactured using qualitative steel. The constant force spring exerts a nearly constant restraining force to resist uncoiling. It functions just like a gliding movement in a continuous way. With constant-force springs considerable flexibility is possible as the load capacity can be multiplied by using two or more strips in tandem. We tailor made the constant force springs as per the requirement of our clients.

A tightly coiled wound band of pre-hardened spring steel or stainless steel strip. When extended a constant force is exerted and this is maintained as the spring is allowed to close. The full force is effective until the spring is in the fully closed position.

This spring type derives its name from its ability to extend through its full working length while being maintained in any position by the same force. Constant force springs are available in a wide variety of sizes and the recent introduction of a purpose built plant ensures the price competitiveness of the smallest production run. Emmotts is one of the UK’s most experienced manufacturers in this highly specialised field.

T (Thickness): This parameter describes the Thickness of Sheet Or Strips.
W (Width): This parameter describes the Width of Sheet or Strips.
De (External Diameter): External diameter at large end of the spring. Tolerance for this parameter is (+-)2%(indicative).
Ds (Smaller Internal Diameter): Internal diameter at small end of the spring. Tolerance for this parameter is (+-)2%(indicative)
L0 (free length): Free length of compression springs is measured in its uncompressed state after previous one time blocking. Tolerance for this parameter is (+-)2%(indicative).
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